The audit function in most organizations works on building stronger controls driven towards value preservation. With a growing need for stronger risk management and the role it plays in the strategy of the organization, the role of the audit function has expanded from one that works solely with a conformance and compliance focus to include a focus on the performance of organizational processes.

Our strength lies in actualizing the needs of your business by creating an audit team that not only functions based on a strong control framework, but is adaptive to the changing needs of the business with a view to improve performance. We do this by infusing an element of process evaluation capability into the audit function, creating a versatile team that can perform the role of not just an auditor but also that of a transformation enabler.

Our team of experts also provides financial advisory for small and medium sized companies, enabling them to manage their cash flow and investment portfolios in an effective manner.

Our services include –


  • Development and establishment of a process audit framework and function
  • Analysis of relevant data for process audits
  • Monitoring and interpretation of key risk indicators
  • Process capability audits including diagnostics
  • Due Diligence – Financial, commercial and operational
  • Treasury management with specific reference to:
    • Asset and liability management
    • Interest and liquidity risk management
    • Exchange risk management and hedging techniques