In today’s business landscape, quality is no longer a ‘good to have’ and is rapidly taking its rightful place as the key differentiator between competitors. Clients are willing to pay a premium for better quality of products and services; at Parikar we understand this only too well. Oftentimes, companies realize the cost of poor quality and its telling effects on revenues later rather than sooner.

A well thought of and implemented quality assurance framework places your organization in a position of strength. Implementation of such a framework allows you to be cognizant of customer needs and enables you to respond to changing needs, delivering products and services that hit the bull’s eye, time after time. At Parikar, we lay the groundwork for achieving this level of expertise through our end to end quality management services. We work with our clients to on various areas, specifically:


  • Analysis of causes for customer dissatisfaction
  • Creation of a customer experience management framework
  • Reduction in rejects and rework
  • Management of clients’ quality teams
  • Imbibing a culture of ‘quality first’ in your organization through coaching and mentoring of key people within the business
  • Assessment of existing quality framework for enhancement/ restructuring opportunities
  • Implementation of metrics to measure performance levels

All this is done keeping in mind the need for excellence at a reasonable cost and can be supplemented with our re-engineering services.